Results & Testemonials

Results obtained in 10 organizations that implemented Humanitude, with a sample of 531 people and 502 caregivers, over an average period of 9 months.

- 40.1% reduction in care refusal (4)

- 63% reduction in neuropsychiatric symptoms (2)

- 12.9% reduction in cognitive deficits (6)

- 66.7% reduction in the administration of antipsychotics (6)

- 49.1% reduction in the administration of psychiatric drugs (1)

- 50% reduction of fully dependent people (6)

- 31.7% reduction in bedridden people (1)

- 33% reduction in the number of positioning in bed (6)

- 25% reduction in people using a wheelchair (5)

- 33% reduction in the occurrence of falls (6)

- 38% reduction in pressure ulcers (6)

- 13% reduction in high risk of falls (3)

- 33% reduction in caregiver absenteeism (2)

- 29% reduction in the average time for the provision of hygiene care (6)

- €3139 reduction in costs for nursing supplies, incontinence and medication (5)

1 - District Hospital of Estarreja (2011); 2 - Santa Beatriz da Silva Nursing Home (2012); 3 - House of Poetry residential home; 4 - CSP S. João d Brito (2013); 5 - The Port - social solidarity centre (2014); 6 - Pedrógão Grande care unit (2017);

As an organization, Humanitude simplified our decision-making process when implementing procedures. Today, the functioning and organization of the services we provide do not overlap with the needs, interests and well-being of the people we care for, fulfilling the fundamental principle of respect and consideration for human dignity. Caring in Humanitude is extremely demanding. It forces us to be better people every day, at all hours ... but today, after 3 years, we cannot imagine caring otherwise.

Alexandra Silva (Care Director, The Port, 2017

This methodology facilitates the creation of adequate conditions for the quality of life and well-being of the elderly, promoting active aging, with better health, autonomy and independence. We feel that Humanitude contributes to a change in the behavior of our employees, with positive effects on the well-being of the clients. We believe that we can do even more and better. The implementation of the Humanitude care methodology is undoubtedly an asset for any institution that wants to grow, be unique and special in the art of caring.

Luisa Frada and Amanda Fernandes, Care directors, Association of progress and life Tocha, 2016

Humanitude is an opportunity, an option, a certainty, an asset. A challenge that has awakened intrinsic values and attitudes that, combined with specific techniques, facilitate and value the daily lives of those who care and those who are cared for. Today, continuing to walk in the implementation of the methodology, we verify with satisfaction the results of wellbeing in users and employees.

Raquel Horta, Care Director House of Poetry residential home, 2013