What is Humanitude?

Humanitude is a care methodology, developed by Yves Gineste and Rosete Marescotti, since 1979, which promotes well-being in care. It combines a philosophy of care with specific techniques so that both caregivers and people cared for feel safe, comfortable and dignified during the provision of care.

How does it work?

Humanitude is developed through vast empirical caregiving knowledge allied with an evidence-based approach. Although care is often associated with illness, loss, dependence, caring is a characteristic of human beings (we care for ourselves, we care for our own, we care for others). So, the caregiving issue isn’t related with care itself but the circumstances that care occurs and the setting that care is provided. Humanitude brings it back to basics, to the simple things, to reinforce the focus on a positive relationship during care, on the emotional connection between the caregiver and the person cared for, and to promote a pleasant environment during the care. For that we offer training and consultancy services for families and healthcare organizations.

Are we talking about kindness and vocation?

To care with Humanitude it is a required a set of skills, which can be learned, trained and perfected. These skills are rarely innate, and can often be improved through practical training. To provide a humane care, a dignifying care, cannot be left to chance, or luck, it’s an intentionality and a competency. For that we all must learn, develop and improve our caregiving skills, our Humanitude skills.

How is that different from Person Centered Care?

Although there are similarities there are a few standout points on Humanitude, that make it complementary. The most important is its applicability, being associated to specific techniques it teaches caregivers on how to provide care with a positive emotional connection (how to gaze, how to talk, how to touch the person in such a manner in order to achieve the Humanitude results). Another point of complementarity is that Humanitude is also focused on the wellbeing of caregivers. It’s not possible to provide excellent care if the caregiver doesn’t feel safe, comfortable and dignified, therefore Humanitude isn’t Person Centered, but Relationship Centered. Humanitude promotes a positive relationship between the person providing care and the person receiving care.

Does it take more resources?

No. From our experience the challenge, most of the times, is not related to resources, but to the change of practices. In other words, it is very rare to have a need for resources (human or material), but it is necessary to review caregiving practices, adjust routines and change habits, which do not correspond to the expectations of the people cared for, the caregivers, nor the organization.

How long does it take to get results?

There are immediate results associated with training, such as the reduction of refusal of care, however there are results in the medium to long term, such as the reduction of functional dependence, restraints, occupational injuries. These results come from the continued use of Humanitude, by of the whole team, that is why we recommend that between 75% to 100% of caregivers should be trained in Humanitude. As the results are associated with the change, the time they take to surface may be influenced by the size of the organization, the number of caregivers, and the resistance to change by the team.

In which organizations is it possible to implement Humanitude?

Humanitude has already been implemented and obtained results in the most varied types of social and healthcare services, from operating theaters to daycare centers. Our main focus of intervention is in Residential Homes, Day Care Centers, Homecare Services, Hospitals and Care communities. However, we have been challenged by other organizations to help them improve the quality of their relationship with customers, family members or between colleagues. We can certainly say that any organization will have all the conditions to benefit from Humanitude!

How is Humanitude implemented in an organization?

Mostly through training and consultancy services. Our services are tailored to the needs of each client, therefore get in touch with us to let you know how can we work together.

How much does the implementation of Humanitude cost?

Due to the unique characteristics of each client, it is not easy to have a fixed price. Again, we suggest that you contact us for a customized plan design and personalized budget. It is known that Humanitude is associated with important health gains, such as the reduction of sick leave due to occupational injuries, the reduction of functional dependence, falls, and restraints, which is why it is an investment with a high social return on investment (each 1$ invested has a social return of 4,79$) (4change, 2015).

How can I get Humanitude training?

Humanitude training is aimed mainly at healthcare organizations. Mostly we provide action training sessions to groups of 10 people. With a hands-on training we provide care to selected patients in order to improve the quality of care using Humanitude techniques a dn the resources available within the organization. Perhaps you could encourage your work place to organize a training session. Or perhaps you can challenge a care unit near you to organize a Training session and join in. Alternatively, we have online courses available that you can enroll and have access to some of the Humanitude techniques. Either way contact us and we will be happy to help you.

I’m struggling as a caregiver because the person I care for is refusing care and becoming combative towards me, can you help me?

Even though each person is unique, our team is very experienced and competent in such cases and very likely will be able to provide you with non-pharmacological solutions to promote your wellbeing. Contact us if you require our assistance, thank you for reaching out.

Can my organization be Humanitude labelled?

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Our Humanitude referential consists of criteria and requirements that need to be evidenced on an audit. Humanitude label is a prestigious recognition of quality of care only available to the top healthcare organizations in the world. Are you up for the challenge? If so, contact us.