What is Humanitude

For humans to be born isn't enough, we must live with our kind, to become a person... 
Jacquard (1989) says that  People make People, stimulating each other with offerings and demands, and today we are the result of this Humanitude. We live in it, are part of it, therefore we are people. 
Boris Cyrulnik reflects the biopsychosocial impact of not living in Humanitude based on children who were not stimulated to be people. To these children he calls pseudo-autistic, who close themselves and don't seek others (often because others don't seek them).
People do not remain in the specie independently, so we are all dependent on each other. Dependence can then be a very good thing: it depends on whom we depend ... 
In care there are traps and pitfalls that easily block positive relationships, which lead inevitably to the loss of Humanitude and unnecessary suffering of the cared person and the caregiver. 
The Methodology of Care Gineste Marescotti is associated with this philosophy and professionalizes the relationship in order to place, maintain or replace the person in Humanitude. The professionalization of the relationship achieves important health gains (shown in various international scientific articles). 
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