Humanitude Implementation

Implement Humanitude's Philosophy of Care on your institution and become a humanitude unit!

How to implement

Become a Life Unit where care is liberating and people are happy.
The implementation of humanitude at your institution is a process of organizational change, which should attain a change in the culture of care. It is a complex process in which we are specialized.
Our adaptive model has been perfected over 30 years ensuring health gains and customer/staff satisfaction.
Based on Kotler (1996) management model, the IGM Portugal proposes that the implementation process takes place in five stages. 

The stages are: 

  1. Meeting with management to schedule activities (in person or remotely via videoconference) 
  2. Awareness Session: for all employees, residents, family members and friends of the institution 
  3. Humanitude Training: for groups of 12 direct or indirect caregivers 
  4. Support Group training: for greater institutional autonomy and implementation continuity
  5. Monitoring: care consulting by a Humanitude consultant

Each phase contains general and specific objectives that guide implementation and ensure efficiency. 
The implementation lasts at least three months, reaching one year in larger units.
Become a Care Unit of national reference with international recognition! 
Watch our video, explore our site, please contact or visit one of the humanitude units, or contact us for any clarification.
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