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Certification Humanitude

The current scenario requires institutions to differentiate themselves, to become more competitive, generate wealth. It is therefore urgent that care units adopt methodologies that improve the efficiency of care, reducing costs and ensuring the satisfaction of customers and employees. 
The humanitude is a "seal of approval", internationally recognized for the quality of care associated. 

The IGM Portugal is responsible for certifying humanitude units in Portugal, using audit tools of the association Asshumevie and adapted to the Portuguese reality by IGM Portugal in collaboration with its partners and humanitude units. 

The humanitude certification fits the framework of standard NP EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems and Quality Manuals of Social Security, providing the care units not only a quality system for top management but also for care. 
The certification gives units management tools, consultancy support and access to humanitude network, a private group for discussion.

Differentiate yourself in the service and benefit from the associated increasing demand.
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