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48 hours were intense but with a sweet taste. Humanitude was reviewed as a project, thanks to the Institute of Social Entrepreneurship and INSEAD. Bootcamp culminated with a "pitch" presentation of the project to a panel of judges, well recognized in local entrepreneur scene, by Dr. Filipe Santos (INSEAD), by Dr. Diogo Santos (Deloitte), by Dr. ª Isabel Gonçalves (CM Cascais) and Dr. Luis Amado (EDP Foundation).

The First Prize was rewarded to Humanitude project, presented by João Araújo, Rafael Alves, Marta Bicho and John Duarte Lopes, who during XIV Bootcamp IES powered by INSEAD drafted, developed and presented the project of Humanitude as a solution to the geriatric care problem in Portugal.

Now Gineste-Marescotti Institute Portugal has been welcomed to collaborate with the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, EDP Foundation and the Agency Deloitte so that the Humanitude care methodology can reach to a larger number of caregivers and institutions in Portugal. 

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