News - Humanitude in the International Colloquium for Non-Pharmacological interventions in Alzheimer's Disease

In November 14th, 2014, Joao Araujo was before 1100 health-care workers from around the world to present the results of the Implementation of Humanitude in different care units in Portugal.
Starting with a dedication to NĂ­dia Salgueiro, his mentor and friend, gave credits to the results acheived by the caregivers of Portuguese institutions, which are the real heroes who every day try to improve the quality of life of their clients.
The results show not only the present need to invest in the quality of geriatric care in Portugal, but also that Humanitude can be a solution.

Their work was praised by the authors Yves Gineste and Rosette Marescotti, the national media, some Portuguese people present in the audience, among others.

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