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You need to go back to the simple things, which makes it the essential of Nursing, enhancing the well-being and quality of life through a more careful, attentive and relational approach. 
Paulo Queiroz, coordinator of teacher UCP of Fundamental Nursing, Nursing College of Coimbra (ESEnfC) opened with this message "Caring with Humanitude" International Conference, that on April 24, welcomed half thousand interested in care methodology Humanitude presented by the authors French therapists Yves Gineste and Rosette Marescotti. 
Presented by the authors "Philosophy of Humanity" and "Methodology Care Gineste-Marescotti" explaining and giving examples with real cases, that when well crafted, non-pharmacological interventions are effective in controlling and reducing "pathological behaviors of agitation," improving the quality of life of the person cared for and well-being of caregivers. 
Remember that this methodology prohibits interventions in force or without consent, emphasizing techniques that favor the establishment of a real trust relationship between the carer and the cared person. 
"Humanitude, an imperative of our time," by the Nurse Nídia Salgueiro, and "Humanitude Care, Nursing Neurorelacional," by the nurse Mário Simões. During the scientific meeting, two books that address the topic of Humanitude were launched. 
Teachers of ESEnfC started a course to develop skills in Humanitude, to facilitate the implementation of this methodology in the training of nursing students. 

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