Humanitude ES+

Last January 21st, 2015, Humanitude received yet another award. This time it was the ES + badge, a seal of quality that comes from MIES - Map of innovation and social(...)

Humanitude Wins Bootcamp IES(...)

48 hours were intense but with a sweet taste. Humanitude was reviewed as a project, thanks to the Institute of Social Entrepreneurship and(...)

Humanitude in the(...)

In November 14th, 2014, Joao Araujo was before 1100 health-care workers from around the world to present the results of the Implementation of Humanitude in different care(...)

Humanitude conveys(...)

All who are aware of the results of Humanitude understand that it is an essential methodology that should be made available to all professionals, provided there is commitment(...)

IGM Portugal at the(...)

The nurse João Araújo was invited to be one of the speakers at the International Conference of Non-pharmacological Interventions in Alzheimer's Disease, in Paris, to(...)

Humanitude on the Congress of(...)

On 22 July to Prof. Rosa Melo presented her exploratory study titled: "humanitude: design of nursing students" in the Congress of Ibero-American research, organized by(...)

Back to simple things

You need to go back to the simple things, which makes it the essential of Nursing, enhancing the well-being and quality of life through a more careful, attentive and(...)

Humanitude in Japan

Humanitude overcomes geographical barriers, because we are all made of the same human component: love. Developed countries understand that effective care makes a difference(...)

Caring in humanitude -(...)

Interview with João Araújo and Cristina Camara on the Methodology Care Gineste Marescotti and Philosophy of Care Humanitude.  Text Alexandra(...)

Humanitude for people in(...)

From time to time humanitude is reduced to the hygiene care, neglecting its full potential and scope. In fact this happens when considering the methodology of care(...)
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