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The Institute Portugal Gineste-Marescotti is composed by several healthcare professionals from various scientific fields, united by the common interest in developing the quality of care in Portugal. Here we list some of them:

Amélia Martins


Degree in Social Work and Graduate in Clinical Neuropsychology. PhD student in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Coimbra. Technical Director of Nursing Home Santa Beatriz da Silva from 2004 to 2013. The first proactive professional about Snoezelen Project with Seniors funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Member of the ISNA-MSE International Snoezelen Association, the French Association of Snoezelen and the German Association of Snoezelen.

João Pärtel Araújo


João Pärtel Araújo is a young social entrepreneur, who for personal and professional reasons is devoted to Gerontology and Quality of Care. Having completed a BSc in Portugal he moved to Republic of Ireland to practice and study. Focusing his career in gerontology he held various positions in various Residential Homes. The passion for the profession, the devotion and commitment were quickly recognized by his superiors, entrusting him with increasing responsibilities. This recognition complemented by a Masters in Health Management, enabled him to move up in his career in a relatively short period of time. 
Presently, relocated in Portugal, he continues to be a health care consultant and a trainer, promoting quality of care. Is one of the founders of IGM Portugal and has a key role for the implementation of Humanitude in Portugal.

Mário Simões

Enfermeiro Chefe nos Hospitais da Universidade de Coimbra; Mestrado em Filosofia, área axiologia e ética, especialidade bioética, na Universidade Católica Portuguesa; Doutorado em Enfermagem, na especialidade História e Filosofia da Enfermagem, na Universidade Católica Portuguesa, sob orientação do sob orientação do enfermeiro Manuel Rodrigues e da enfermeira Nídia Salgueiro. Autor da Tese "Cuidar da Humanitude : método de Gineste e Marescotti Aplicado a Pessoas Internadas em cuidados continuados" defendida e distinguida com Magna Cum Laude pela Universidade Católica.

Nídia Salgueiro


The Nurse Nidia Rodrigues Mendes Salgueiro, with 56 years of professional experience, continues to mark her legacy and contribution to the profession and art of nursing. Despite having gone through difficult periods of great scarcity of means, always managed to pull off the best experiences of where she has been. Managing the wards and the rounds of Coimbra's University Hospital she had the opportunity to acquire a diverse range of professional competencies that were very useful for teaching and collaborating on medical scientific studies, during the times when the investigation was still a nursing mirage. This gave a very clear notion of the importance of rigor in research and the habit of a permanent questioning. In 1955 was promoted as an assistant to the former School of Nursing Angelo da Fonseca, in Coimbra, soon to be invited in 1956 to head the Department of Dermatology and Veneriologia of Coimbra's University Hospital, which was followed by others until devoting herself entirely to teaching in 1968. While teaching had the opportunity to teach a large number of nursing and related disciplines such as General Pathology, Medicine and other, given her hospital experience. Was responsible for coordinating various terms / areas of the Base Course, the Specialization Course of Medical-Surgical Nursing and the Management of Nursing Services, to integrate the Management Committee of Coimbra's Nursing School and its Scientific-Pedagogical Council . 

Her work has always been recognized by various reference persons, institutions and the Ministry of Health itself, always excelling her dedication and commitment to the projects developed. These projects stand out "Sport for All", and the foundation with other fellow "Nurses Association Specialists in Medical-Surgical Nursing". Furthermore Nurse Nidia Salgueiro contributed to the conceptual development of science of nursing through the publication of a series of conference support, training programs, technical-scientific works and articles, some of her own and others translated by herself. 
Currently, among other projects, acts as Director of the IGM Portugal, and is responsible for promoting the "Methodology Care Gineste-Marescotti: caring in humanitude" in Portugal, participating as a trainer in hands-on training sessions and speaker for awareness sessions.

Rafael Alves


Rafael Efraim Alves durante a sua formação inicial de enfermagem participou em diferentes actividades associativas assumindo cargos de responsabilidade, incluindo a presidencia da associação de estudantes da ESEnfC. Terminou a Licenciatura em 2007 e partiu para a Suiça onde contactou com os cuidados psicogeriatricos, trabalhando no Hospital Universitário Psicogeriatrico, no serviço de doenças neurodegenerativas. O contacto com esta área permite-lhe desenvolver gosto pela mesma e pretensões em desenvolver-se nos cuidados a estas populações. Voltou a Portugal em 2009, altura em que desenvolveu projectos de apoio a cuidadores informais e familiares de pessoas com demência em Coimbra. Em 2010 começou a trabalhar no Hospital Residencial do Mar, em Lisboa, na unidade especializada para pessoas com demeência, onde se encontra até à data.
O seu primeiro contacto com a Humanitude deu-se ainda na Suiça e desenvolveu-se em 2010, quando a convite da Enf. Nidia Salgueiro, acompanha Yves Gineste, como seu tradutor. Iniciou nesse mesmo ano a formação de formadores em França, sendo neste momento um dos principais elementos formadores do IGM Portugal.

Rosa Melo


Degree in Nursing at School of Nursing Dr Angelo da Fonseca, Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing by Superior Dr Angelo da Fonseca School, and Course of Specialized Studies in Administration of Nursing Services in Bissaya Barreto Nursing School.
Master in Education Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra.
PhD, specialization in Health Services Management and Nursing Services, at the Catholic University with the theme "Strategies that promote the development of relational skills help: the contribution of leaders," defended and awarded Summa Cum Laude.
Associate Professor in ESEnfC in Nursing Educational Scientific Unit Elementary, teaches the courses of Nursing Management, Integration to Life Professional, Nursing Fundamentals and humanitude philosophy applied to the practice of nursing care.
Integra Entrepreneurship Office of ESEnfC, is coordinator of Poliempreende, was a member of the Teaching of Coimbra Nursing School Board and the Self-Assessment of Bissaya Barreto Nursing School Commission.

Rosette Marescotti


«(...) [Rosette] is a muscular woman physically and in other dimensions, with her feet firmly on the ground. I prefer to give word to Yves Gineste, which often refers to her as the most complete person he met, for whom he fosters great admiration: as a woman of respect and consideration, with a doting and dutiful hand, as an honest person faithful and incapable of betraying a friend, and as competent, determined professional, with an enviable know-how.
I realized that for him she is the safe haven, the mainstay, the friend always ready to give support when needed, the woman to whom he dedicates a pure love, united by a sublime, spiritual love. "
From the book "humanitude: an imperative of our time" by Nidia Salgueiro

Yves Gineste


«(...) Gineste is a man of huge conceptual and emotional intelligence, with a prodigious imagination, a creative and humanist with a huge heart. Just see it in their caring gestures of sweetness or build a meal imbuing it with love, in the pleasure of giving pleasure! 
Is both loving and dreamy as irreverent. By irreverence (I think) always presents itself in pants "bib" for training or to a high level audience, as if to say "I am a man who puts his hands on and I'm proud of it." 
The communicator who is able to hold a meeting at his words and his gestures a full day and leave them wanting more. As a magician, you never know which rabbit will he take out of the hat or who he calls the public to take the stage to be his partenaire in order to demonstrate a technique or witness what just stated about inadequate gestures. Like a true artist acknowledges with reverence, a beautiful smile, an emotional touch and warns not allow criticism of those who answered the call, questioning those have not been mirrored in this gesture? Knows to be blunt and provocative, "the wild child" as I wrote in my notebook.»
in the book "humanitude: an imperative of our time" by Nidia Salgueiro

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